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Patios of Potsdam

Walking through the downtown of Potsdam.

Duration: 2 hours

You will be amazed to learn that there is a whole collection of authentic patios in Potsdam, which you won`t necessarily find walking  along beaten tracks. Each one  has its own face and history. Enjoy your walk through them listening to the amazing stories about facades and “fachwerk”, soldiers and craftsmen and of course about the Prussian kings!


Luisenplatz Square, at the Fontaine opposite Brandenburger Gate (buses 605 or 695, trams 91,94 and 98, stop “Brandenburger Tor”).

You can easily get here from Berlin using S Bahn (S7, End Station) or “Regio” trains up to the Main Railway station and from there with the buses 605 or 695 or with the trams 91,94 and 98 (stop: Brandenburger Tor). You can also get there by foot through downtown (about 30 minutes).