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 Stories and Myths of Potsdam

Walking  through the historic city center

Duration: 3 hours

First of all we shall put an end to the myth that several hours are enough to see  the whole city of Potsdam. A lot of attractions belonging to different epochs are to be seen alone at the perfectly restored downtown .  Strolling along narrow cobblestones streets enjoy the spirit of Prussian history, listen how   the old town hall and St. Nicolas church were constructed, learn why the city wall here is different to any other city walls you know and why it was necessary to dig a channel through Potsdam. Wonder at the lifestyle of Potsdam citizens in the 18th century and get an idea why the restoration of some objects here brings a lot of debates.


The main city square „The old market” near the Obelisk. We can also pick you up at  the Main Railway Station building near “Information” stand. You can easily get here using S Bahn (S7, End Station) or “Regio” trains.