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Babelsberg is so different

Sightseeing bike tour through Babelsberg district.

Duration: hours

Welcome to Babelsberg, the district full of contrasts which became a part of Potsdam only in the   last century.  See  “German Beverly Hills” with precious villas of movie stars  and the tiny houses of bohemian weavers who  settled down here some centuries ago,  admire  picturesque Havel river banks and enclaves with unique history, stroll through the Babelsberg park with the residence of Kaiser William I and enjoy terrific view to the “Spy Bridge” Glienicker Brücke from there. Sure we will not forget the “German Holywood” itself with the biggest in Germany film studio which is also one of the oldest in the world.

Additional options:

Get more of your “sports day” and prolong it renting a  canoe at the same place you get your bicycle. You need about 2 hours to get from therer  to “Spy Bridge” and back  through the beautiful landscape.


S Bahnhof Griebnitzsee (Station of S Bahn, S7 Line), Exit to the Griebnitzsee (upstairs). You can rent your bikes just there for 12,- € a day (not included)